Monday, May 26, 2008

Damnable Yahoo

So, moving a domain currently registered with Yahoo to a new service (like GoDaddy or Network Solutions) is quickly becoming a severe pain in the ass.
Let me give a few tips here:

1) Setup your account and order the domain transfer from GoDaddy.
2) Login to your Yahoo account and unlock the domain.
3) Wait 30 minutes.
4) Follow the directions on transferring the domain you receive in your email - it will be sent to the Administrative Account listed in your Yahoo profile.
5) Eventually the Pending Transfers screen in your GoDaddy accoun t will show "Accept transfer at current registrar" -- this means that MelbourneIT (Yahoo's registrant) has to approve the transfer. Everything I have read states that this will likely take upwards of 5 days.

Look, I know DNS changes aren't fucking immediate. I get that - I change them all the time for any one of a hundred clients, but having to wait 5 FUCKING DAYS to transfer ownership of a domain is not only ridiculous, it's... well, it's just fucking ridiculous.

In the meantime, I have placed some forwards out there so hopefully the 3 visitors who actually read this page will get re-directed properly.

It's a bit shambling right now, but hopefully in the next 30 minutes all will be re-directed.

*.SPIDLER.ORG is now forwarding correctly.

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