Friday, August 8, 2008

Technical Support

It's what I do.
Well, yeah. I was going to try and spin that in a different way, but when it comes down to it, I'm still a phone-jockey for an IT company. Yeah, I do quite a bit more than that - from designing WAN/LAN infrastructure, configuring some pretty cool DR solutions, to designing HUGE AD implementations - but in the end, I answer phone calls from clients and I fix their problems.
Been doing it for years.
And I do it really fucking well.
But... there are some.
Some fuckers....

Ok... his name is "David" from HP, and no... no, his name is fucking NOT "David." Anyhow, "David" was supposed to RMA a part for me on Monday and overnight it out so I could get my client's new server burned in. Guess what?
It's Friday morning.
No part.
No "David."
AND... here's the kicker... see, I'm willing to cut some of these companies a bit of slack when this is not an immediate must-have. I understand the language barrier, I understand the hell that is daily phone-jockeying for callers who are usually not in the best of moods and looking to vent on someone - and venting on someone half a world away is easy to do. I get it that their job is a serious pain in the cock-hole, but....
When I call in with a problem and you transfer me to the proper department, don't hang up on me TWICE. Really...
It ain't good for your image.
And it fucking ain't good for my patience.
Right now there is a frightened Indian HP Tech Support guy furiously googling "Look, cunt, is Rob S----- gonna have to choke a bitch, here?"
Happily, at least the TONE needs no translation and the part is now confirmed to be en route.

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