Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9 Hours In...

The cravings are minimal and easily ignored.
The dull to sharp throb in the top right of center of the old brain pan sucks a steaming log, though.

Here's the shit part.... I had to let my boss know that he was an inadvertant prick of a glorious magnitude. See, he took off for vacation on Sunday leaving me to go shmooze and hobnob with local IT bosses and techs at this "Hey! Let's Get Together and Geek Out Over Beer!" type of thing.
I get free food.
I get lots and lots of free booze.
And it's tonight - you know... Day 1 of the no smoking thing?

And this fucking client of mine....
Mother fucker I fucking HATE cock holes who do a couple of quick google searches and auto-fucking-matically assume they know everything about every piece of technology and complet6ely ignore everything I say, have said, will say about a topic and demand the absolute wrong technology because it's got a cool fucking name and some dickhole cunt-whistle in podunk Des Moines gave it a good fucking review on C-Fucking-Net becuase it's the first gadget his fucking farmer boss ever fucking bought him.
Have fun with yoru new fucking toy, douche.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Yep, cravings under control.
Attitude under control.

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