Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long Overdue

As in, an update.

There are quite a few things that have been recently set into motion, but I'm reticent to mention them openly online for the time being. Suffice to say that there is change in the wind - good change.

So, being as how a few years ago I was not a 14 year old girl, I never really got sucked into the whole MySpace thing. Sure, I set up a profile, but it was for no other reason that I enjoyed searching through the piles of horrendous profiles for the few photographic gems.
I've got to say, there are few things worse than MySpace profiles. Years ago there was a website (and I'm too lazy to search for it now) that was dubbed 'The Worst Website in the World.' The gist of the thing was that it was "written" by a trailer park kid who was maybe 15? 16?
Horrible shit.
Terrible layout, flashing text, frightening pictures, bad midi background music that looped in a somewhat... well, spastic way.
And 95% of all MySpace profiles are worse.
They grate on your nerves - not in a figurative sense, mind you, but it's an actual physical sensation of a tiny rasp slowly sliding across exposed nerve endings - the metal teeth gently digging in and scraping the sensitive cells, pulling them away from the body until they snap back into place with such an exquisite searing pain, like so many tiny rubber bands snapping relentlessly against your scrotum.
And then there's Facebook.
No real profile manipulation/personalization.
No background music.
No sparkles following your mouse pointer.
But addictive.
So addictive.
I hate My Little Green Patch, but still I accept the plants and the tiny little flower people (god how I'd like to see them wilt under some Agent Orange).
I hate My Little Sea Patch, but still I accept the fish and coral (again... to see the water churned up by jet skis and reddened by chum would be delightful).
I love Mob Wars and cannot stop Fighting, Drug Smuggling, etc etc etc.
I hate the Old Layout and Love the New Layout - fuck all of you dinosaurs that fear change.

Alas... I'm hooked.

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