Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Political Science

So, let's get honest here. Fuck the poor.
Really. Fuck 'em.
I don't care about that black single mom working at 7-11 who has two kids, no health insurance, and is living paycheck to paycheck.
Fuck her.
Fuck her kids.
Fuck her kids' futures.

And fuck that redneck working at some lumber factory slicing boards.
Who gives a fuck if that factory is failing.
Who gives a fuck if he is about to lose his job and won't be able to support his family.
Fuck him.

I am all for Capitalism.
Capitalism is God's system of economics.
It's the only Right and True system of figuring out who is the Purest and Best in our society. We should help those at the top. They made it there by the Grace of God and they should be rewarded with lower taxes as they will obviously turn around and invest those savings in new jobs.

But now there's a politician that is saying we should CARE about those less fortunate? Fuck that. Fuck him. Fuck the Weak. Fuck the Ones Who Can't Help Themselves. He wants Redistribution of Wealth! He Wants Socialism!


Redistribution of wealth... wait... isn't that... well, isn't that the same as taxes? Isn't that what taxes are meant to do? Take a little bit of money from everyone and turn that tax into funding for the government? And wouldn't it be better if the government took a proportionally fair amount from each person?

But he's a Socialist! You know what... maybe, just maybe... well, we're doing a shitty job looking after one another maybe the government should step in. Maybe we should be a Better Society and try to push back against our baser nature. Maybe we should start to Care...

Maybe... just maybe... we should look beyond the moment (liblub)...

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