Thursday, December 18, 2008

And You'll Be Splashing in the Sea...

I am currently floating on a wave of sleep deprivation, energy drinks, and - forgive the trite saying - dank heady jams.

Yes, the longer I go without sleep the fat my cords get and the more stoned my voice becomes.

It's been a long, tiring evening of changing, testing, reverting, testing, changing again, testing, etc. Everything was thankfully successful and everyone is singing praises this morning... or would be if they knew the drastic changes that took place behind the scenes. I guess that's kind of the thing, ain't it? If they don't notice a difference and huge changes happened, then I guess that speaks to the planning and execution, yes?
I shall take my fucking bow, now.
Really, though, the boss knows what we did and was suitably impressed and relieved.

Fuck, I think there's tiny fly buzzing in front of my face, but...
...well, what if he's not there?

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