Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Passing Time and Gas

I have nothing to do for 3 hours.
Between now and then nothing.
Wide Open Plains.

Tonight, though, tonight shit goes down... from an IT Project point of view, of course. I don't mean to sound dramatic like I'm going out on the town to find that no good sonuvabitch and end his miserable existence with the perfection and purity of a single well-placed bullet.
Nothing of the sort.

I have 3 hours to kill until I can jet out of here, run home, have some grub, maybe wrap some gifts, and then come back into the office (well, cold datacenter) to Perform My Magic.
My Technomantic Divination.

That'd look kind of groovy on a business card.

ROB S*****
Systems Administrator / Technomantic Deity

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