Thursday, December 11, 2008

This... Is... SPARTAN!

My office is pretty fucking bare.
I mean, I've got stuff in it, but nothing that really screams that I am a unique snowflake.
On my L-shaped desk moving from left to right:
* A stack of phone and voicemail manuals
* A phone and pen resting on it
* A raised laptop and keyboard
* A monitor with handy tray containing:
- A SRD disk for BESR 8.5.1
- A pad of sticky notes
- Six Sudafed tablets
* A 750GB USB drive
* A green-shaded brass lamp
* My empty coffee mug (I should do something about that)
* 2 yellow legal pads
* Assorted pens and a pocket knife
* A small desk calendar (of the small ringed day-by-day type)
* A small tray with scrap paper
* An empty business card holder
* A full paper clip holder
* Two or three small note pads and a stack of SMS scripting FAQs
* A black Corporate Express stapler... I need a Swingline.
* A printed out Active Monitor script that tests fine, but fails in production
* A 3Com PXE server CD
* A stackable set of trays (mostly empty)

What you do not see is the hotel room artwork above my desk of what appears to be a dinghy pulled up onto a grassy yard. It rests next to a white picket fence and what appears to be the base of an old light house. There's a small patch of blue in one corner that I assume represents the sea.
I also have a pair of uncomfortable chairs, a horizontal wooden filing cabinet, and a mostly empty bookshelf that contains a handful of Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2003, and SQL manuals.

And that, my fine readers, is my exciting office. It does, however, have a lockable door and a pair of windows that overlook the parking lot and a pair of... well, I don't knwo what kind of trees they are. Small leaves, paper-like bark...
Yep... gonna be a long day.

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