Friday, September 25, 2009

Rage Against the Machine?

I like to think I'm not naive and am somewhat informed, but I'm unable to find a single unifying reason for the G20 Protests. This is not meant to be inflammatory, but with a melange of protesters demanding economic accountability, pro-environmentalism, anti-Capitalism, pro-Socialism, anti-government, pro-anarchy, pro-human rights, anti-Imperialism, anti-Colonialism, and seemingly (KEY WORD: SEEMINGLY) trying to draw violent responses from police, there doesn't seem to be a Message that can be delivered/debated/argued/compromised-upon/etc.
Look, I'm just a douche sitting comfortably in my middle-class life but I am willing to listen, though without the Unifying Message, it seems like all bluster and no solution.
Someone, for the Love of Locke, someone enlighten me.

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Wilder said...

Well, anarchist wouldn't be good at organizing a central point. Other than fuck the system.
I think some of it is done to distract from valid points about globalism. But that can be discredited as protectionism.